Kindle For The Abundant Woman

Benefits of a Kindle for the Abundant Woman

By Margot Huff – This abundant woman has always had a difficult time letting go of a book that I have found helpful or inspiring through the years.  If I had kept all the books I’ve read, I would be a real competition for the local library for number of filled bookshelves. Fortunately, about 3 years ago, my loving husband gave me a Kindle with an optional cover.  This little beauty has been the best gift he has bought me in the past 31+ years of marriage.Kindle

When I saw it, I felt I would never be able to give up the experience of holding a book in my hands and turning the pages as I read through the contents.  It took me the length of time to download my first book into my new Kindle to know I was hooked. As long as you have an internet connection, you can download as many Kindle books as you desire. I currently have 124 books on mine. And, the cost of Kindle books are always much lower than that of paperbacks and hardcovers, many at $.99 and a lot are even free or can be borrowed.

It is not only lightweight and easy to store in purses, since it holds so many books, it’s as if I have a whole library with me. And, since the books have been downloaded, they can be read anywhere, and any time. It is also very easy to use , and has instructions downloaded into the unit should you need help.

The Kindle runs off an internal battery, and the charge of the battery lasts many hours. I know their product review states how many hours, I only know I can take it away for a weekend without my charging cord, and come home with plenty of charge left on the battery.

When I received my Kindle, it was the only format on the market. There are many more types of units available now; some even play, audio, videos and movies. For the person who loves to read self improvement, enlightenment, personal income, relationship and any other type of book, I highly recommend purchasing one of these Kindles. It is the perfect accompaniment for the abundant woman.

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Margot Huff


4 thoughts on “Kindle For The Abundant Woman

  1. Marion Black

    What a great present for the avid reader! I have discovered that the Kindle is not the only way to read Kindle books. There is a free Kindle reading app for reading the eBooks on your PC or even on your phone or tablet.

    1. Margot Post author

      Hi Marion, yes there are a few options for reading Kindle books and e-books. One of the things I really like about the Kindle is the length of battery time. It seems to last just about forever! LOLL

  2. Judy

    Hi Margot,
    I really like your site here about books. I’m a book lover from way back. I don’t have a Kindle, but my daughter does and she loves it and I would like to have one sometime. I’m like you, I would miss holding the book and being able to flip through the pages, but there are still books we can do that with. :) Have to keep up with the times I suppose. :) Anyway great site I will be back to check it out more.

    1. Margot Post author

      Thank you Judy! I wasn’t sure I would like the Kindle, but fell in love with it as soon as I started using it. They also sell covers to protect the screen, and they open up just like a book! LOL I look forward to your return,and when you decide to purchase one, I hope you’ll come back here to do so! :-)

      Best wishes for abundance on your website also!!


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