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A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dyer from an Abundant Woman

Dr. Wayne Dyer, born May 10, 1940, was a spiritual and self-help icon. He was the best-selling author of more than 30 self-help and spiritual books, Your Erroneous Zone, a highly motivational speaker and an inspiration for millions of people.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Dyer spent his childhood (until the age of 10) in an orphanage, then was taken into a foster home, where he was raised and loved. One day as a child, Wayne Dyer returned home from school, upset because he overheard his teacher calling him a “scurvy elephant.” When he shared this concern with his foster mother, she called the teacher who said, “Oh, that Wayne! He’s always getting things wrong. I didn’t call him a scurvy elephant. I said he was a disturbing element!

He went on to serve in the Navy for 4 years (1958-1962), then graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in counseling.

He began his career as a high school guidance counselor there and as a professor of counselor education at St. Johns University in New York City. His lectures focused on motivational speaking and positive thinking. The theories he discussed are what make up the content of his first book, Your Erroneous Zone, which was published in 1976. It is one of the best-selling books of all time, with approximately 35 million copies sold worldwide.

“Truly inspiring leaders get results by their own example: They encourage others to be responsible and do the right thing…they create space for others to be inspired and to achieve their own greatness.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

It is at this time, Dr. Dyer quit teaching and began his career as a motivational speaker and writer. He also helped raise millions of dollars with lectures for PBS.

“There’s no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

The context of Dr. Dyer’s books and lectures reflected the ideals of the New Thought movement, which promotes the belief that spirit is in and of all things, Infinite Intelligence (God) is everywhere, in everything and true human selfhood is divine; that divine thought is the power behind all that is good, and sickness originates in the mind where “wrong thinking” while “right thinking” promotes healing.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer

To his followers, Dr. Dyer promoted self-actualization, explaining reliance on the self is a guide to religious experience and advised people to emulate Jesus who he felt was a self-actualized person who relied on self-reliance. Self-actualization is the achievement of one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.

“Self-actualized people are independent of the good opinion of others…Be a scurvy elephant.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

During the 90’s, Dr. Dyer began turning the context of his books and lectures toward spirituality and received an even larger following.

Dr Wayne Dyer

Dr Wayne Dyer

Dr. Dyer passed away August 30, 2015 from a heart attack, at age 75. He had been diagnosed with leukemia in 2009, but always stated he could eliminate it from his body. The coroner confirmed that there was no trace of the leukemia.

He was a true inspiration and will be sorely missed.

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Three Possible Ways To Change Beliefs As An Abundant Woman

The brain, in which the conscious mind is included, is that three-pound organ in your head. The complete mind, which also includes your subconscious and unconscious, is much larger and more elusive. There is a vast difference between brain and mind and there are books that go into intricate detail on what these differences entail.

Until you find some way to alter the deep seated and self-limiting beliefs, most of which you’re not even aware, all of the personal development programs you try will fail, as they are based on dealing on the conscious and subconscious levels. The negative beliefs in your unconscious mind sets limits for you. When you rid yourself of these limits, you can do things you thought impossible.

What Are Your Self-Limiting Beliefs?

In order to change these self-limiting beliefs, you must first become aware of them. They are constantly affecting your life as you go through your days.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs

As I’ve stated before, change does not occur on the conscious, superficial levels, through simple positive thinking. It involves searching, discovering, and changing our deepest thoughts and feelings toward life.

It takes practice and determination, but you must become aware of your thoughts and feelings throughout your day. Make note of your emotions and how you are feeling about specific situations in your life that you wish to change. Your emotions and feelings will give you the indication of your deep seated beliefs.

Can You Change Beliefs with Positive Affirmations?

The definition for affirm is to say that something is true in a confident way. Many people hope that by repeating positive affirmations to themselves in the mirror and reading them from post-it notes stuck around the house, they will make the changes that they so deeply desire occur.

Although daily positive affirmations might be helpful in making you feel good and raising your self esteem on a short term basis, they are usually much further away from your true belief system, so it is virtually impossible to make the permanent, positive changes needed in your beliefs. With each positive declaration that is different than your true belief, what you are trying to affirm is incompatible with a deeply held negative belief and your unconscious will dismiss this as just not true.

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations target the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind, but not the unconscious mind where beliefs are forged. So, if you are using a positive affirmation to change a negative belief, the unconscious will fight for survival and what you really desire will most likely fail to manifest. However, there are many people and websites who disagree.

If you use positive affirmations, I suggest you use them for quite a long time as soon as you wake and right before you sleep as your mind is more open to suggestions at these times. and as often as possible throughout each and day.

Changing Beliefs with Hypnosis

What you focus on influences your beliefs which influences your habits which, in turn, influences your reality. Your reality is also subjective and influenced by what you choose to see in the world. If you were told to make a list daily of the things that made you unhappy, depressed and terrible for a year, at the end of the year, you would say the quality of your life is terrible because all you’ve been focusing on is the terrible, have begun to believe in the terrible and your reality will manifest in the same way.

Your beliefs and habits become so deeply ingrained, it seems almost impossible to change them, but have no doubt, they can change. Hypnosis can help you change your focus, your beliefs, your habits and your realities. Hypnosis can help you change your reality into any form you wish to see.

Hypnosis can put your mind into an altered state of consciousness. You’re not awake, nor are you asleep. The two parts of the mind that are active during hypnosis are the parts that control intense concentration (focus) and intense relaxation, the subconscious and unconscious.



Hypnosis helps your mind become open, suggestible and adjustable. Small simple changes made in your unconscious during hypnosis can begin to make very large changes in your reality. The quality of your life is determined by how well you control your own thoughts. Any negative belief or thought you have can be changed using the power of your mind through hypnosis.

If you are unable to find a local reputable hypnotist, recorded sessions are available online and can be just as helpful. I personally have used this organization for these and become an affiliate because of my belief in their ability to help in many ways. Dr. Steven G. Jones is a world renowned hypnotherapist with over 22 years of success.

Change Beliefs with Creative Visualization

“Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want and expect in your life. You are already using it every day, every minute in fact. It is your natural power of imagination, the basic creative energy of the universe, which you use constantly,  whether or not you are aware of it.” Shakti Gawain

Shakti Gawain wrote her first book on creative visualization back in 1978 entitled “Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life.  “There have since been revised and updated versions of this inspirational best seller.

Creative visualization incorporates the use of the imagination with affirmations. As the imagination gives access to the unconscious, the affirmations have a much greater impact for change than using them alone.

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization

As you become familiar with using creative visualization and begin to trust the results you are experiencing, you will be able to make it an integral part of your consciousness. It becomes a state of consciousness, a continuous awareness in which you are always aware that you are the creator of your life.

Lisa Nichols has an innovative and very effective program on creative visualization and is currently traveling around the world giving very successful and enlightening workshops and seminars. For those who cannot attend her workshops to learn the best ways of practicing creative visualization, she is now offering her Creative Visualization program online or with a cd set. You can find information on that here. I am so impressed with this program, I have become an affiliate for this program.

“You are the designer of your destiny. You are the author of your story”. Lisa Nichols

Change Your Beliefs to Create an Abundant Life

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” ~Buddha

Your mind not only controls all of the systems of the body, it also controls your thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings come from the beliefs you hold in your unconscious.

How Your Beliefs are Formed

Your beliefs are the truths you feel about yourself and your life, and began forming when you were an infant, watching the actions of those you held as authority figures and in whom you trusted and learned from – parents, teachers, religions, musicians, peers, advertisements, etc.



As a child, your mind was a sponge, absorbing all you saw and heard from authority figures. Although your parents may have done the best they could in raising you correctly, they could only pass on the beliefs they had as parents, many of them based on fear. “Don’t expect too much out of life, you’ll only be disappointed”, “Rich people are greedy and selfish”, “You have to work hard all your life if you want to save/earn/have money”, “Money is at the root of all evil”, “You must be beautiful to be popular”.

For those children whose parents did not try to do their best, or thought negative reinforcement would help them in the world, beliefs were even rougher… “You’re not good enough”, “You’ll never amount to anything”, “You’ll always be (fill in the negative word)”.

As your unconscious mind absorbed the lessons from the words and actions of these authority figures, your brain forged neural pathways in which these beliefs were then held.

Freud said, “We learn as children how we react emotionally and this is carried into adulthood.

The Mind



There are three parts of the mind, the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious.

Conscious mind – This is the part of your mind that is aware of what is currently happening around and to you, along with some specific mental functions.

Subconscious mind – Also called the pre-conscious mind. This holds the available memories and information you can become aware of once your direct your attention to it, i.e., how to get home from where you are, phone numbers you frequently use.

Unconscious mind – This consists of the primitive, instinctual wishes as well as the information that we cannot access. During our childhood, we acquired countless memories and experiences that formed our beliefs and who we are today. However, we cannot recall most of those memories.

Your Beliefs Affect Your Abundance

“Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.”
– Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

Every decision you make in your conscious mind has already been affected by your unconscious. If you have self-limiting beliefs regarding a decision, it matters not what you decide, the outcome will not have the positive affect you may desire. Your repressed, unconscious mind will do anything to give you exactly the experience of your limiting belief!

Limiting belief

Limiting belief

If you have negative beliefs about money, your life experiences will match those beliefs. If your beliefs tell you that you do not deserve a happy, loving relationship, you’ll be more prone to find partners with whom you cannot find happiness. If you want a healthy body and lifestyle, but your limiting beliefs are that you are sickly, that is the experience of life you will most likely have.

Your unconscious will protect, censor and dictate your life, so that it becomes a perfect match to your internal, true beliefs and sabotage your desires and actions toward abundance.

Through your actions or behavior, you make things worse instead of better. Instead of doing, being or having the best, you eventually find yourself settling for less. It is certainly not desirable if you are hoping to live an abundant life. If your belief is that you are you a “victim of circumstance”, that is how you will live out your life and never become a master of your destiny.

You are the creator of your life and are orchestrating everything that happens to you by your core beliefs and ideas about life.  Change your beliefs and expectations, you will change your life.

My next post will be on ways to permanently change your self-limiting beliefs. Do you have ideas and suggestions on how to do that?

Thank you for reading!  Until next time…To your abundance!