Beginning Again!

Hi! I'm Margot!

Hi! I’m Margot!

In June of 2014, I joined a very interesting and knowledgeable group of people called Wealthy Affiliates. The group is made of people wanting to learn about making a profit on the internet. The lessons on the site were thorough and insightful. I learned how to build and publish a website on the internet! I did so and kept up with posting thoughts and ideas for a few months. Life, somehow, got in the way and I found myself so busy and distracted with other things, I lost my way and failed to continue the blog.

This past week, I’ve spent some time considering my life and what I thought was important. Spending the time researching my interests and recording my thoughts on them in a blog on my website IS important to me. Some people may think my blogs just a lot of rambling, but I know putting my thoughts down in a blog is cathartic.

I hope my blogs can benefit others and help them consider life and how they may help others live a fruitful life. I plan on beginning again writing thoughts and ideas, and sharing with others through the blogs on my website.

To Your Abundance!


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