An Abundant Woman

By Margot Huff – Do you ever feel you aren’t getting the most out of life, as if something is missing?   Discussions, articles, blogs, quotes and links for living the free life of abundance as An Abundant Woman using the Law of Attraction.

Abundant and free!

Abundant and free!

Having an Abundant Outlook on Life

So much of our society’s outlook on life seems to be based on lack and fear.  It’s a mindset that makes many think their lives are not what they had wanted or expected;  that chances for happiness, abundance and fulfillment  are probably not going to be knocking on their door.
This mindset can be very disruptive for any one, and can instigate much unnecessary emotional pain and desperation. An abundant outlook on life, in contrast, tells you that there are always new chances for a fulfilling life available. An abundant outlook on life can help improve your performance since you are experiencing much less fear and desperation.

Here are a few ideas which will help you create and reinforce your own abundant outlook on life.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Watch for any thoughts or feelings that reflect scarcity. If you have a scarcity mentality then you will probably take things too seriously. You may think if you fail, the world will come to an end. It won’t. You know that, and need to remind yourself. If you continue to believe that, you become nervous and agitated, and guess what? You have just invited that failure because your negativity becomes an obstacle on your path to success. Regain your empowerment by thinking of the opportunities that have come your way.

Focus on the abundance, not on lack. What you place your focus on, is what you will experience in the world. I know this from personal experience. If you keep your focus on abundance, more opportunities will find their way to you.

Be grateful for what you have in your life. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have, be appreciative of what you do have…Your home, your family and friends, a beautiful day. Being grateful for what you do have, and holding that positive vibration allows more things, people and situations for which to be grateful to show up in your life. First thing in the morning when you get up, sit quietly for a few moments and think of the things in your life for which you are grateful.

Get your life organized. Are your finances in order? What does your work space look like? Is your house clean? I remember hearing one of my mentors say, “if you don’t like cleaning, don’t call it that. Say you’re going to make your house sparkle.” Living and working in an environment that is clean and organized makes it so much easier to get things accomplished, which keeps you in a better frame of mind and able to focus on the positive results you’ll experience and the abundance you should feel.

Spend time with abundant people. Turn off the television, get off the sofa, and go out someplace where you can meet positive, abundant people. Spend some time with them, and you’ll come away with such a positive, abundant vibration, you’ll feel wonderful. These feelings of abundance that will be flowing in and around you will also attract positive and abundant people to you, which will bring you more opportunities of abundance. If you spend time on the computer, find positive, affirming and abundant blogs and sites, and get involved. You’ll only reap rewards from these actions.

Create your own environment of abundance. The terrible news the media focuses on, the bad sitcoms, violent dramas and horrible advertising isn’t good for any person! any longer. If there is a good show you want to watch, and it’s not on commercial free PBS, record it so you can fast-forward through the commercials. Spend more time watching and reading personal development material.

Create a daily journal of the things that make you happy. Write in it every day. Make a conscious effort to remember even the smallest of things that made you smile on each day. The journal can be your ‘happiness bank’. You can make deposits into it every day. The effort of writing entries in this journal will help you attract even more things that will make you happy.

Forgive any resentments or grudges. When you do not not want to forgive someone or something, you must hold on to a lot of clutter and baggage so you can remember why you don’t want to forgive in the first place. Not forgiving someone or something takes a lot effort – both mentally and emotionally. The majority of people on this Earth have a hard time forgiving because they fear if they do forgive, they run the risk of being hurt again. People associate forgiveness with weakness and uncertainty, especially if someone has really caused harm or injury. But, who is really the victim when you hold a grudge against a circumstance or a person? Who is being harmed on a daily basis? You are! Forgiveness resolves all of the negativity and complications. It frees you from the bondage of resentment and allows you to heal inside. Just remember, after forgiving those around you, you must also learn to forgive yourself.

Share your abundance. How can you feel scarcity if you share what you have? It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge your abundance. Whatever type of positive abundance you have, share some. Not only does it make you feel abundant, but also very good about helping others.

Repeat, repeatedly. It’s very important that you do not slip back into your old negative habits. Keeping external reminders around can help. One idea is to put post-it notes around home and work. Another idea is to put a rubber band or bracelet on your wrist.

Can you think of something to add to this? Feel free to reply.


6 thoughts on “An Abundant Woman

  1. JohnV

    Congratulations on a great start to your website. You make some really valuable observations and your positive approach will ensure the successful development of your site and business.
    Life just gets better!

    1. Margot Post author

      John, I am grateful for your words of encouragement! Enjoying the unlimited abundance as we age is the secret to attracting and manifesting an even more rich and fulfilling life. Best success to you in your endeavors also!


    1. Margot Post author

      Thank you so very much for your kind words Tamikaxubright! I certainly hope many others think so. :-) Although the concept may not be unique, and my thoughts are the same as many others, I do hope I am able to help people attain an abundant life as I continue to work on myself to achieve the same. I look forward to your return so we can discuss thoughts and ideas on reaching a state of abundance.

      Blessings to you and your endeavors,

  2. Ayele

    Hello Margot,

    Truly we tend to underestimate the strong correlation between the mind and the body…I dont really know why that is when we have so many life examples of people who are able to survive health conditions just because they have decided that they will fight their illnesses…and of people who have decided to just let go and hence do not survive those illnesses…I am so glad your website shed the lights on this correlation.

    Thank you,


    1. Margot Post author

      Ayele, thank you! It is truly amazing to find just how much our thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect our physical health. After reading Anita’s book, I’ve been truly inspired. I had already begun using the mind-body aspect during my creative visualization and meditations, but her story really made all the work I had been doing on myself even more intense and wonderful. What an amazing woman! I’m so glad you understand just how important this information is.
      To your abundant health!


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