An Abundant Life…

By Margot Huff – Another day….another day!  How can life be abundant when all you think about is getting through another day?  As life goes flying by in the fast lane, how are we to stop and smell the roses?  Are you in the right place at the right time?  Do you feel tuned in, tapped in and turned on?  Do you feel happy, joyous and free?  Is life wondrous and high flying?  Are you vibrationally aligned with the Universe?  Does it matter?

Of course, it does! But even in the life of an abundant woman, there are not so good days.  We are, after all, human…some days, more human than others. So, I woke up this morning and took the time to to let God and the Universe know how grateful I am for this new day. I stretched and jumped out of bed, slipped on the pretty, new rug I just bought and ended up sprawled on the floor. Well, I just stayed down for a couple of minutes, caught my breath and hauled myself up on the side of the bed, rubbed my backside – that’s going to leave a mark!  So much for pretty, new rug!  Note to self: buy rug grippers when going out today.

I’m still in a good mood though!  A peek out the curtains shows a beautiful bluebird day, perfect for that trip to the beach with friends! Crash, boom…was that thunder?? In the morning? Here in Florida? A peek through the curtains on the other side of the room shows a big, black thunderstorm headed in my direction.  Guess that trip to the beach may be put on hold for awhile, but not to worry! It’s still early.  Early storm means early clearing, right?  Well……not so much.  A visit to the handy dandy weather website shows a big glob of big, black thunderstorms all around the area!



So, I think I’ll just call my friends and invite them over for an indoor beach party instead. After making calls though, 3 of them had too much fun at a party the night before and the other two just want to lounge around in bed with a good book. I certainly can’t fault them for that.

And the day just seems to go downhill from there.  The dogs and husband are grumpy because of being stuck indoors, the washing machine doesn’t want to work right either. Breakfast gets burnt and the house smells like burned food all day long.  But you know what? Even when everything seems to be going wrong in your day, remember that you have a day that does end.  Tomorrow is another day. You could be at the right place at the right time again! End your day on a good note.  Be sure to thank God and the Universe for having a day. Maybe it began on a high note, or had a special moment in it, or was quiet and undisturbed.  Always remember that in the life of an abundant woman, even a bad day is something to be thankful for.

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