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Abundance & a Grateful Heart

By Margot Huff – Gratitude is so important when it comes to attracting abundance.  You must show gratitude for what you have before you can attract more abundance and things, people and situations for which to be grateful.  The practice of gratitude will help shift your perspective in life.

Thankfulness will help redefine your own view of what is really happening in your life.  Gratitude is tied integrally with the mental and emotional shifting, which leads back to the basic principle of attraction which is “like attracts like”.

Daily Gratitude

Daily Gratitude

Being grateful is an  approach to identifying the positive aspects of life which breaks the cycle of dwelling on the negative.  Showing others that you recognize their value and being thankful for them will attract better relationships and fewer problems at work and home.

Practice gratitude daily. There’s always at least one redeeming quality in even the worst day. Keep a list of everything for which you are grateful, then go even write a thank you note to the universe for bringing it to you. Be grateful for the abundance in your life and watch it multiply!  As you continue to show gratitude for what you have in your life, the Universe will, in return, continue to supply you with more for which to be grateful.  Every morning, before you start your day, sit on the edge of your bed, stretch your arms to the sky and thank the Universe, your Higher Power, God (whatever your belief) and say “thank you for all the wonderful things in my life for which I am grateful.” Then, throughout the day, stop occasionally and think of what is around you for which you can be grateful and add it to your list.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have this website and, although I may have difficulty finding the right words, I can share my thoughts and feelings  with my new friends.


The life of An Abundant Woman!

By Margot Huff – What is the life of an abundant woman…or man? What does it look like? What does it feel like? Webster’s Dictionary states abundance is an ample quantity. But, of what? Is it an ample quantity of wealth, or health, spirituality or happiness?   True abundance, says Deepak Chopra, is when you experience “joy, health, happiness, sense of purpose and vitality.”women-207304_150

I hope, on this site, to help people find what makes them feel abundant and journey along with me, as I research and review different aspects of what makes an abundant life through the Law of Attraction.